About Me

Majic's subjects are powerful heroines in modern day fantasy worlds. Majic's ability to story tell through her imagery sets her apart. Her colour injected images and strong narratives can be seen in a multitude of international magazines, art galleries, book covers, and look books. Majic blurs the line between fashion and daydreams showing the viewer that the modern day woman can exist in a fantasy world. Majic's passion for story telling, travel and art blend together to create her recognizable aesthetic.

Clients & Editorials

ASOS Market Place, Chloe Magazine, Macmillan Publishers, Kitsu Boutique, Parisienne Luxe Bridal, Fashion TV, Vogue Italia online, Ligne Magazine, Material Girl, Elegant Magazine, HUF Magazine, Volant Magazine, ATLAS magazine, Press The Fashion and many more.

Exhibitions & Features

The Independent Photographer |Eigenheim Gallery (Berlin) October 9th 2017, Secret Garden Solo Show | Studios At Hotel Hamilton (June 2017) Strength & Beauty: The Women's Show |South X Southeast Photo Gallery (May 6-June 15 2017)  The Dreamers Collection | Louvre Museum Paris, France (July 2015), Secret Garden | Studios At Hotel Hamilton, Canada (June 2015), See | Exhibition Space Queens, New York (May 2014), TWO- Arta Gallery Toronto (April 2012),CBC News, Bored Panda, Peta Pixel, My Modern Met, SlR Lounge & Spinocchiafreund Online.

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